Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Case You Didn't Know: Deodorant

In case you didn't know, FLG's new deodorant smells like ice, wind, and this.

And no, he's not kidding.  At first he thought, wow that's a weird thing to say something smells like, but then he thought about it some more and realized it's no weirder than saying something smells like wind or ice.  What exactly do those smell like?

Snow, would make more sense, because FLG can, in fact, smell snow before a snowstorm.


arethusa said...

Isn't that like "Smells Like Teen Spirit"?

FLG said...

You know, from the video, I've always assume Teen Spirit smells like an overcrowded high school gym.

Andrew Stevens said...

"Old Spice Matterhorn smells so much like a fresh mountain that if your lady friends ever summit the actual Matterhorn they’ll think, 'This mountain smells just like (insert your name)’s armpit.'"

That is a truly great line.

Kurt Cobain was reportedly quite annoyed to find that he had inadvertently named his most famous song after Teen Spirit deodorant.

FLG said...


I must admit that I did chuckle when I read that.

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