Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good And Constitutional Aren't The Same Thing

This article about classes on the Constitution reminded me of one of my pet peeves. A goodly many Americans don't really know the Constitution. They may have never read it or only read it many moons ago in school, but in either case aren't familiar with what it actually says and how those words have been historically interpreted. Instead, they assume what they think is good as constitutional and bad as unconstitutional.

So, on the Left, health care mandates have to be constitutional because they're good and guns are bad and unconstitutional. Likewise for the right, public displays of religious symbols are good and therefore constitutional. Infringing on the free market in any way is unconstitutional because it's bad.

There are arguments for each of these examples above, but the average person isn't talking about previous rulings on the commerce clause or the text of the 2nd amendmnet.

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Withywindle said...

Ramesh Ponnoru over at the National Review is very good at making this distinction.

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