Tuesday, June 1, 2010

FLG Wondered

As was mentioned previously, the FLGs went to the Falls Church Memorial Day Parade. Apparently, there's a Victorian Society and they had a float. Well, more of a large, horse-drawn cart. Anyway, FLG couldn't help but wonder if Emily Hale was involved with this organization and if she was on the float:

Now, you are probably saying to yourself (and by you FLG means everybody including Emily), but wait you don't know Emily and you've never met her. How could you possibly know if she'd be interested in something like that?

Oh, FLG knows. There's a type of lady that likes T.S. Eliot, brooches (particularly cameos), doilies (particularly on little tables in a foyer with oval shaped picture frames with old sepia pictures in them resting heavily on said doilies), and Victorian Societies. FLG is pretty confident that Emily is one those ladies.

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Anonymous said...

Well I know that not her in the red t-shirt.

Mrs. P

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