Saturday, June 5, 2010

Etiquette and Protocol

The Obama Administration needs to either get itself an etiquette and protocol droid or higher Arethusa to deal with the things most people assumes their government should do out of common courtesy to other nations. Most recently, Hillary wishes the Queen happy birthday a week early?

My guess about the root cause of this problem? Not staffers attended Southern colleges and were in a sorority. They are the type to take etiquette and protocol by the horns and do a top notch job. The Bush administration must've had a load of them. Ditto for the former governors of Arkansas and Georgia who became president. This administration, by contrast, hires Harvard MBAs who consider themselves too important to bother with small details like who should be let into state dinners.

Hire a sister from Ole Miss or Bama and problem solved.


Anonymous said...

It's been a theory of mine that these little 'goofs' (Think the "Reset" button.) by Hillary are intentional. Not by her. But to get rid of her.

Prior to becoming Senator of NY Hillary's area of expertise -- I'm being incredibly generous with that description-- were domestic issues.

Mrs. P

arethusa said...

They totally need me, because my first thought on reading your first paragraph was: "She has two birthdays, April 21 and the official one in June." (I carry a lot of useless information around in my head.)

Even Harvard MBAs or Yale lawyers like Hillary should be able to get their facts right. Why this crew can't is beyond me. I think it may have something to do with the fact that nowadays there are no facts, everyone just makes up their own reality, and Harvard and Yale contracted the disease first.

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