Friday, June 18, 2010


Maximum Leader writes:
Monica Bellucci is the only reason your Maximum Leader bothered to watch “Shoot ‘em up.” It was a horrible film, made slightly less horrible by Ms. Bellucci being in it.

It's a fantastic movie. The first kill is made with a fucking carrot! A fucking carrot! That's pure fucking genius:


dance said...

oh, yeah, I liked Shoot 'Em Up. Watched with my sister, she liked it too. It was exactly what the title promised, and funny besides. A good movie-watching time.

The Maximum Leader said...

Sorry. Horrible movie. I had very high hopes based on my liking of Owen, Bellucci and Paul Giamatti. I didn't like it.

Perhaps I wasn't drunk enough when I watched it.

The Ancient said...

Maxie --

OBVIOUSLY you weren't drunk enough.

(If you'd been drunk enough, you'd have seen that carrot-through-the-brain-stem moment as an homage to seventy years of the Bugs-Fudd Problematic.)

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