Monday, May 17, 2010

Roundabout Way To Get To The Point

FLG read this post by TNC that says a new Muppet Movie is in the works. TNC linked to this article, which excerpted a blog that is apparently down:
"The Great Muppet Movie of All Time" is no "Great Muppet Caper" — 'Caper' being to the first Muppets film, what "The Empire Strikes Back" is to "Star Wars

FLG will tell you exactly what went wrong with that movie in two words -- this asshole. A person whom FLG thinks he might have to place on his nemesis list. There's not a single film that he didn't make worse. Oh sure, he's in some good movies, but ask yourself if they'd be better with somebody else in his role? If your answer is no, then check yourself into a mental hospital.


Alpheus said...

I'm having trouble imagining anyone better in Grodin's role in Midnight Run. . .

FLG said...


I had the same thought, but chalked it up to my lack of imagination.

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