Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Powerpoint Suckage

FLG is a true believer in the 6 x 6 PowerPoint rule.

If you are using bullet points, then limit yourself to six bullet points with no more than six words per point. Bullet points with long, full sentences are annoying.

The only exception would be if you are providing some specific quotation. A common example is if you are referring to some specific text from a law or regulation. Then again, if the quotation is important enough to cite in full odds are you should devote an entire slide to it.

In general, the vast majority of PowerPoint presentations FLG has to sit through are not simply atrocious, but aesthetically offensive.


Robbo said...

When I become Emperor of the World, among my reforms I intend to prohibit Powerpoint presentations. Never ever seen a good one, and seen too, too many where the presenter simply falls back on reading the slides verbatim.

FLG said...

This is an example of good powerpoint:

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