Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost Finale

So, let FLG get this straight. The writers of Lost decide to devote half of the season to a reality created by the Losties to find each other after they'd died?

On the face of it, this sounds questionable, but FLG can see a few scenarios where this would work. However, the key point in that, then, is to show how they all died eventually. Yet, if FLG remembers correctly Hugo, Ben, Desmond, Richard, Miles, Lapidus, Sawyer, Claire and Kate are still alive when Jack dies.

Also, FLG isn't quite sure what the point or message of them creating their own world to be together after death is. Throughout the season, FLG thought it was something about fate going on. Whether they were on or off the island, they still were destined to find one another. But if they created the world to find one another, then that's not fate. It's will.

Then there's the issue with lack of foreshadowing. In hindsight, FLG sees a couple points where the characters were sorta, kinda talking as if they subconsciously knew they were dead. But these sorts of things only work when there was some sort of foreshadowing a la the Sixth Sense. Now, you may respond that Lost had tons of mysteries, the hatch, the numbers, the polar bears, the smoke monster, etc, that weren't foreshadowed. Fine. But when you decide to take half the final season and spend it telling a story after all the characters are dead, then you need to foreshadow a bit better.

Lastly, the biggest problem with the after death storyline is that it took away precious time from more fully developing the tale on the island. FLG thinks the writers are in love with the various characters in the ensemble. They're great characters, so he gets that. But they seemed to have missed or forgotten that the island is a character as well. A pretty important one at that. Perhaps this last point is only because the they're dead storyline fell so flat. If it was successful, then maybe FLG wouldn't have minded so much.

There are still a million questions out there about the island. Where'd the temple come from? Why decide to introduce Dogon and Lenin seemingly out of nowhere? What's the connection to the Tunisian desert? Who built the big Egyptian statue? Just to name a select few off the top of FLG's head. To the extent that many of these answers don't involve characters who had already been introduced and the audience cares about, then it doesn't make much sense to explore them too far or at all. FLG was, unlike some crazies on the Internet, immediately ok with the explanation about the light. It's just the light. It's the source. It's a mystery and magical and sacred. Fine. Answers like that are perfectly acceptable. It would've probably been better to spend some more time thinking, writing, and exploring the island with the existing cast of characters to the extent possible.

All in all, FLG thinks the last five minutes of the finale pretty much ruined half the last season. It was still a great ride, and maybe that's the point, but the last season could've been a hell of a lot better, especially considering that they'd known this was coming for so long. Perhaps the most frustrating thing is that the finale was awesome for about the first two hours.


Andrew Stevens said...

Alpheus, Arethusa, and I did try to warn you, FLG. Shows created by J.J. Abrams will only break your heart. His m.o. is to throw all kinds of wild stuff in because it's cool and then eventually come up with some sort of half-assed explanation at the end which makes no sense and ignores three-quarters of the wild stuff anyway.

He's sucked me in a few times now, because the wild stuff is cool. But I always walk away feeling cheated.

arethusa said...


(Been waiting to say that for years now.)

C'mon! The ending they used was obviously one of the few viable possibilities way back in Season 2, and clearly intervening seasons did not change things much.

arethusa said...

I should add, been waiting to say that to Lost fans for years now, not you specifically.

Discount coupons said...

I really enjoyed the end of lost but feel cheated by the writer's a bit.

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