Monday, May 24, 2010


This video has been watched 301 times, at least as FLG is posting this, and his guess is that 250 had no fucking clue what the guy is saying:

If you strip away all the jargon and buzzwords, what he is saying would take 15 seconds -- when you don't keep data on your own computer anymore, say as an individual you use GMail or upload your data to Amazon, then then the first step in securing your data is to know that what you are really concerned about is securing your data. Really, quite frankly, it's 4:25 of stating the bloody obvious but with jargony buzzwords. He's not wrong, just jargony buzzwordy.

You are probably saying to yourself, Self, what the fuck does this have to do with FLG's normal blogging themes? Well, it goes back to FLG's fascination with language and communication. This guy makes a living, probably a pretty good one, telling people the obvious.

This saddens FLG for two reasons. First, it means common sense isn't very common. Second, it's often beneficial to cloud your very simple insight in buzzwords than to state it simply. For example, he refers to the idea that what people care about on their computers is the data as "information centricity." Why can't we all just use simple, plain English?


Anonymous said...

You want clarity? I'll show you clarity:


FLG said...

That's fucking awesome!

I love the response from the people in the apartment:
Three things:

1. Wow. You’re angry. And mean.

2. That's our flag and, nope, it’s not supposed to be rebellious or ironic and we definitely didn’t intend to annoy anyone (especially you) but we do appreciate the great length at which you went to write about us and judge us. To quote Anonymous, “God that's annoying.”

Despite living in the East Village since '91, we're not hipsters like you kids with your gmail and your crabby blogs. We just like a good pirate flag. (In fact, we’re so unhip, we don’t even know what Yunnibbean means.) Sorry you got so bent out of shape about it but you could always try just not looking at it. But it seems like you can’t. Alas, the lure of the pirate flag. As for the seeking it out, it wasn’t hard. And yeah, we were proud hanging it, as well. And...

3. The shitty music, the one voice, the woo-woo...that's not coming from our apartment or even our roof – though, yes, it is the same building. Sorry, we're only responsible for the anger-inducing pirate flag...not the other stuff you're surly about. But for what it’s worth, the noise annoys us too. Next time you hear it, you should complain to the doorman about it. We do.

Anyhow, maybe you should just go back to reminiscing about the East Village and how great it use to be, back when Tompkins was filled with vagrants and junkies (well, even more than now) and when a cab wouldn't take you past 1st Avenue, let alone all the way to Avenue C.

And, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry one family’s nice, un-ironic pirate flag is another person’s surly blog post.

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