Saturday, May 8, 2010

Greek Public Opinion

54,2 % des Grecs soutiennent le plan d'austérité imposé par l'Union européenne et le FMI et adopté jeudi par le Parlement grec en échange d'une aide de 110 milliards d'euros. Selon ce sondage, qui paraitra demain dans l'hebdomadaire Proto Thema, seulement 33,2 % des sondés préfèreraient que leur pays essaye de s'en sortir seul

54.2% of Greeks support the austerity plan imposed by the European Union and IMF and adopted Thursday by the Greek Parliament in exchange for 100 billion euros in aid. According to the survey, which will appear tomorrow in the weekly Proto Thema, only 33.2% of those surveyed would prefer that their country try to go out on its own.

FLG is surprised by the broad base of support, but he knew crazy communists didn't make up a majority of the Greek people. Tax evaders? Sure. Communists? Not so much.

Also, FLG feels he needs to be more careful with his translations because Miss Self-Important and her BIG FUCKING DICTIONARY may be on the case.

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Miss Self-Important said...

Even I understood that without a dictionary. I guess that fucking class in the fucking language department to help me reading fucking French was helpful after all.

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