Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FLG's Imaginary PhD Disserations Continued

Dissertation Topic: A comparison between Rhodesian and Pompey's antipiracy campaigns. (de Souza left me wanting.)

Dissertation Topic: The impact of the Arthurian Legend on modern concepts of virtue.

Particle Physics
Dissertation Topic: Unknown, but it would be cool.

Dissertation Topic: See particle physics

Computer Science
Dissertation Topic: Something about Artificial Neural Networks.

Dissertation Topic: The political-economy of Sovereign Wealth Funds

Dissertation Topic: Case studies in diplomatic history from Alexander to Yalta. I have no idea how I would pull that one off.

To this list FLG would like to add:

Dissertation Topic: Aristotelian Economic Thinking's Role In Roman Bellicosity

Dissertation Topic: Adverse Selection in the MBA Admissions Process Leads to Ill-Trained, Unthoughtful Douchebags In Charge of American Firms.

Dissertation Topic: FLG's Big Assumption Theory and Its Consequences


Withywindle said...

I'll bite--what would Aristotelian economics have to do with Roman bellicosity?

FLG said...

My theory is that Aristotle's focus on limits and his antipathy toward lending created a perception of economics as ultimately zero sum, which led the Romans to use conquest as their primary means of economic growth/advancement.

But I have precisely zero evidence for this.

Withywindle said...

Ye-ah ... who didn't use conquest as their primary means of economic growth/advancement until, oh, 1700 or so?

FLG said...

And 1700 is roughly when Aristotle's influence was overtaken by Baconian Science.

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