Monday, May 24, 2010

FLG Needs To Stop Torturing Himself

...or alternatively Rufus F. is a perfect storm of bloggery annoyance to FLG.

In his most recent post, he uses French phrases, such as "la patrie de l’amour." FLG mentioned recently how this bothers the ever loving shit out of him. Moreover, it further confirms Rufus is a intellectual poser who uses what he intends to be sophisticated language, but which is truly and simply pretentious.

Then he shifts to this:
Opponents of same sex marriage sound stupid when they bring up bestial marriage because animals cannot agree to legal contracts such as the marriage contract. But, given that we generally see marriage as an agreement between adults who love each other, what arguments are left against either same sex marriage or group marriage, which incidentally is quite familiar in the Scriptures and nearly all religious traditions? If Joseph Smith wants to marry three women, or Tilda Swinton wants to form a family with two men, what case can we make against it, aside from “You can’t really love two other people”, which certainly hasn’t stopped anyone thus far? So part of the discomfort here could be due to our awareness of how lame our case against group marriage, and non-monogamy in general, is at this point, amounting to, “Well, I couldn’t do it. It’s pretty weird, am I right?”

Would anyone like to propose a stronger argument for or against polygamy?

FLG attempted to address this topic previously because the logic above is precisely where the gay marriage slippery slope argument is valid, not to bestiality. FLG still maintains that marriage is not a contract but a covenant (a pledge of mind, body, and soul), which cannot be to two people.

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Withywindle said...

Withywindle's own recent botch of French--a Juif, like a dwarf, should go to ves in the plural, no?--um, no--makes him ever more sympathetic to Rufus. Remember the lesson of Jane Austen: it's not just other people who are fools, but we ourselves.

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