Monday, May 3, 2010

FLG Is Very Embarrassed

Last night, FLG was watching the first part of Empires: Kingdom of David, which oddly isn't on the official Empires website. Anyway, the video examined the Bathsheba story and the ramifications of its meaning for Jews during the Babylonian exile. FLG thought to himself, "Hey, I haven't read that in a long time, maybe I ought to read the text again." It took FLG about five minutes to realize, much to his dismay, that there isn't a Bible in the house.

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The Maximum Leader said...

Oy! I've got a bunch. Let us ennumerate them all!

My favorite is one that my maternal grandmother bought when my mom was baptised. It is a big old handsome leather-bound beast that has to rest on a flat surface and cannot sit on a shelf. It also has great color inserts of pretty good religious art from the Vatican Collection.

New American Version (Catholic Study edition)

King James Version- 6 copies

New International Version

New Revised International Version

New Revised Standard Version - 2 copies

"The Word" edition - given to my wife by someone who thought the new agey feel of this edition would be a welcome addition to the library.

If you would like to get together and have me give you a copy I'd be happy to donate one (or perhaps two) to your collection.

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