Friday, May 14, 2010

FLG Is A Very Busy And Important Man

So when he emails you, then you'd better hop the fuck to. FLG is pretty sure that Sir Basil Seal, international man of mystery, owes FLG an email from months ago. Although, he doesn't remember what the email is about or anything. Nevertheless, this is just to set proper expectations about responses to FLG's correspondence.

On an entirely unrelated note, FLG would like to tell, admittedly very belatedly, Maximum Leader that he would love one of his many copies of the bible and we still need to see something at the AFI theatre, but FLG doesn't really see anything that exciting on the calender there right now. He'll keep looking. Also, to dave.s., who emailed almost a week ago, FLG will be in touch about the sandbox. He is thinking about renting a pickup sometime soon to get mulch, so he'll probably try to swing by that day.

1 comment:

The Maximum Leader said...

You let me know when we can meet and I'll bring the bible.

I'll keep an eye on AFI too so we can try and see something cool.

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