Friday, May 14, 2010

Europe The Bicycle

So, remember when FLG said that allowing the euro to fail would mean the end of the European Project? Well, the pro-EU elites in Europe have already begun pressing forward.

Le Monde:
L'Europe, c'est comme la bicyclette : si elle n'avance pas, elle tombe

That's actually a pretty famous line. Europe, it's like a bicycle; if it isn't moving forward, then it falls.

They keep pressing. In fact, in response to the crisis the European elites have doubled-down on their anti-democratic, hideous project. From the same article:
Si les seize Etats membres de l'eurozone veulent vraiment une union monétaire, a martelé José Manuel Barroso, ils "doivent avoir le courage" de mettre en place une union économique, donc de renforcer la coordination de leurs politiques budgétaires. M. Barroso a donc proposé qu'ils soumettent leurs avant-projets de budget à la Commission européenne avant de les présenter à leurs Parlements nationaux.

If the sixteen eurozone members truly want a monetary union, hammered José Manuel Barroso [the European Commission president], they "must have the courage" to put in place an economic union to reinforce the coordination of their budget policies. Mr. Barroso therefore proposed that they submit their budget projections to the European Commission before presenting them to their national parliaments.

Now, some, like FLG saw Paul Wolfowitz just now, argue that this is the same people with the same proposals they always have to every crisis. To some extent that's true. But FLG smells fear. They're petrified that the whole project will simply fall apart. Shit. There are rumors France threatened to leave the euro if Germany didn't buck up. Then again, if Germany didn't, then it would make sense just to call the whole thing a day and move on.


RP Johnson said...

Didn't Woody Allen make a similar comment in Annie Hall; only he used sharks instead of bicycles.

The Ancient said...

Perhaps this is also why Samuel Beckett's works so often include bicycles.

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