Wednesday, May 26, 2010



You ought to attend some happy hours. It might help you land a job blogging. Wouldn't you like to blog for the Economist? Networking is your best shot. I'd be at all the happy hours if I were you.

There are several problems here, but I'll mention two. First, I'm an antisocial jerk who opposes "networking." (Yes, those are sarcastic quotation marks.) Second, I fear that I'd be miserable if I blogged for a living. It's kinda like blackjack. I love going to Vegas and playing blackjack, but I'd hate being a professional gambler who has to scratch out a living playing blackjack 8 hours a day.


Withywindle said...

Miss FLG wants to go to a blogging happy hour. She will make you popular and land you a job. Bring milk and tell her it's beer.

FLG said...

Miss FLG loves toasting people and saying, Cheers!

So, you might be onto something.

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