Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Conversation

Mrs. FLG: What sound does a bird make?

Miss FLG: Tweet. Tweet.

Mrs. FLG: What sound does a lion make?

Miss FLG: Rah!

Mrs. FLG: Good girl. How about a cow?


Mrs. FLG: What sound does a cow make, Miss FLG?


Mrs. FLG: FLG!

FLG: Yes?

Mrs. FLG: Can you moo?

FLG: What? Why?

Mrs. FLG: You moo much better than me. Our little girl doesn't know what sound a cow makes.

FLG: Oh, we haven't been working on cow noises.

Mrs. FLG: What have you been working on?

FLG: Cool stuff. Like a lion.

Miss FLG: Rah.

FLG: An elephant.

Miss FLG: Pmmmff

Mrs. FLG: Pretty cool.

FLG: Best is yet to come. Miss FLG, what does Darth Vader do?

Miss FLG takes several deep breaths.

FLG: Alright! That's my girl! Fist bump!

Miss FLG: Alright!

Mrs. FLG: Oh, Sweet Jesus.


Withywindle said...

Elephants go "braloo!"

FLG said...

Well, it depends upon whether you are talking about Indian or African elephants.

The Maximum Leader said...

Does Mrs FLG actually exclaim "Sweet Jesus!"? I do that all the time and I don't know of many others who do.

FLG said...

Maximum Leader:

She doesn't exclaim it. Hence no exclamation point. She says it with exasperation.

arethusa said...

Mrs. FLG will not agree with me, but every kid should be raised to make Darth Vader sounds.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahhahahahaha -- both the conversation and the comments.

Mrs. P

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