Monday, May 10, 2010


FLG doesn't remember if he had mentioned it, but he wanted to build a raised garden bed in his backyard. Well, he's been gettin' to it slowly but surely over the last couple weekends.

First, he cleared the area of the paving bricks that were there:
 Then, he measured and cut the timber:
Next, he leveled and squared.  Then, through some holes he drilled in the wood, he hammered rebar into the ground to secure the first level:
After that, he attached the second layer with timber screws:
The box said that you just zip in the screws and they countersink themselves.  They zipped in mostly, but the countersinking didn't work out.  FLG had to predrill holes:

Mrs. and Miss FLG helped spread gravel in the bottom:

Then came the third layer:
FLG still needs to put a 2x8 cap around the entire thing to give it a little overhang and a more finished look.  And, of course, add soil.  He also is thinking about staining it, but worries that the stain will leach into the garden.  But most of the heavy lifting is done.


arethusa said...

It looks to me like you could leave it as is and Miss FLG would just love her new sandbox.

FLG said...

Mrs. FLG made the same comment. I see another lumber trip to Home Depot in my near future.

Anonymous said...

My father made one of these, with the old CCA treated - then got really nervous about the A and stopped eating vegetables from it. You may be more serene if you line the sides with plastic sheeting before you put the dirt in.
On the Miss FLoG sandbox - plastic ones don't give splinters, and can be covered to keep out the catshit. dave.s.

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