Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Bananas Are Useful Numnuts

The post isn't exactly about this, but Walker Frost writes the following about Mario Kart:
As it turns out, the type of superpower ‘randomly’ provisioned correlates negatively with your position in the race. So for example, if you are a great go-kart driver at the front of the pack, you are likely to be provided with a small banana, which can be strategically slipped under the wheels of a trailing opponent to induce a minor spin-out. Not exactly a game-changer.

As somebody who failed out of college in no small part due to playing countless, and I mean countless, hours of Mario Kart on the SNES and subsequently Nintendo64 (The only other person who could even give me even close to a run for my money was my roommate. I once beat a guy down the hall something like 45 times in a row in battle mode.), I feel like I have some expertise in the matter of Mario Kart.

And that expertise leads me to point out this minor tidbit -- No, you don't get the lightning bolt when you are in the lead. However, and I am completely shocked by how many self-proclaimed good Mario Kart players don't know this, if you have a banana it is tremendously useful when you are in the lead. Not because you can drop it on somebody, but because you can hold the trigger down and drag it behind you like a shield. This way when somebody shoots a red, heat-seeking turtle shell it knocks the banana off your tail, but doesn't hit you. Granted, I'd rather have a red turtle shell and hold down the trigger so that it acts as a shield and also gives me the opportunity to fire it at somebody who through some sort of divine intervention passes me, but for fuck's sake don't bad mouth the banana.


Withywindle said...

This is what the web is for.

Andrew Stevens said...

It wasn't so long ago when this was virtually all the web was for.

FLG said...

Don't think that I didn't write this post using my best Comic Book Guy voice.

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