Friday, April 16, 2010

Who Is Nathan Hale?

Was the response to a Jeopardy clue the other day. It made FLG wonder what percentage of the American people know who he was and what he famously said before being hanged. A personal note, FLG remembers something about his father taking Lil' FLG to a site near Grand Central Station (FLG thinks it was the Yale Club. Isn't that over there?) and said Hale had been hanged on that spot.


The Maximum Leader said...

The Yale Club is near Grand Central. BTW, the statue of Nathan Hale that used to reside on the grounds of the CIA building at Langley was removed in the 1980s by then Director Casey. Casey said that he didn't want people looking at Hale's statue because he was a bad spy. He had one mission, failed at it, and was captured and executed. Bad example.

Andrew Stevens said...

I lived down the street from a statue of Nathan Hale when I was a boy. Not sure why since he was born 40 miles away, went to school 40 miles away, and was hanged 110 miles away. Probably because he was the official state hero.

Anonymous said...

Maxie --

I think you're running together different things. Dick Helms felt that way, and didn't want the statue put up. (And it wasn't until Helms left, in 1973.)

And Casey wanted a more successful Revolutionary spy to be get the attention he thought wasted on Hale.

But last time I noticed, the statue was still there between the old hq building and the auditorium.

The Ancient said...

BTW, I agree with the idea that more attention should be given to successful spies.

In the appendix to David Hackett Fischer's recent book, Washington's Crossing, he cites circumstantial evidence that the beautiful American widow who was tasked by Washington to "entertain" a Hessian general -- and thus prevent him from bringing his troops forward where they could be used against Washington -- was none other than -- drum roll, please -- Betsy Ross.

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