Saturday, April 10, 2010

While FLG Is Sympathetic Tiger BeatDown's beatdown of Freddie, he also wishes the blogoshere would ignore him.

FLG used to respond to the idiotic things that come out from Freddie's keyboard, but finally realized the guy lives in some sort of intellectual alternate reality that FLG has no desire to enter.  It's kinda like when Jennifer Lopez went into that psycho killer's mind in The Cell, but instead of a psycho it's a big pile of steaming shit and sawdust with perhaps a moon bounce on top. 

Also, FLG ought to address the criticism directed at Tiger Beatdown because a similar type of accusation could be lobbed at this blog:
your whole enterprise here, the whole long and short of it, appears to be an edifice designed to give you a platform that paws at discourse while denying the possibility of you ever getting called on anything. I mean the whole apparatus of the place. It’s like this constant recursion of LOLspeak/serious speak/LOLspeak, this Russian dolls style thing you’re so enamored with. It’s just a mechanism to introduce a self-limiting aspect on what you want to say; you want to be heard and to be taken seriously, but you want the out to be able to say that you were just goofing. Well, goof away, it’s the Internet, and it’s your dime, but understand that you are denying intellectual rigor when you do so.
Now, FLG doesn't really demand to be taken seriously, so that doesn't apply.  However, FLG sees no problem with joking and making serious points.  Or, as is the case here, addressing both sex with inanimate objects, pirates, and also politics, philosophy, and economics.  FLG doesn't hide behind the less serious aspects of this blog and is willing to engage anybody who brings serious arguments and often even silly ones.  Sarcasm, however, must be left to FLG.  Although, he'd never use it when engaged in a serious debate on this blog.  Furthermore, it is far better to mix jokes with serious topics than to take yourself so fucking seriously that you make a half an hour video of yourself talking about your fucking books.

Since FLG wants the blogosphere to simply ignore Freddie, FLG intends this to be the last post on topic -- EVER. Even if he's said that before, he really, really means it this time.

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