Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sentences That Make FLG Question Whether Academics Are Actually Trying to Create And Dissemintate Knowledge

Lawrence Sáez, "The Political Economy of Financial Services Reform in India":
If institutions are viewed as the equilibrium outcome of a repeatedly played non-cooperative game (Schotter 1981, 155), then the experience of banking and insurance sector reform in India is illustrative of the endogenous challenges that confront emerging markets at they attempt to enact second-generation reforms.

FLG understands exactly what this means and believes there are a bunch of ways to say this that a normal person could read and understand. He guesses normal people don't read political economy papers in academic journals, and so it doesn't really matter. On the other hand, the language doesn't have to be so esoteric.

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Anonymous said...

Like most of us, academics are generally trying to show their peers that they are BSDs. Writing crap like this is one way to do it. On Wall Street, hedgies yell and scream and get picked up by swell limos after work. Zoning inspectors tell their buds what kind of infractions they found. To the extent that you can design your institution so that BSD displays serve the interests of the institution, that institution will be successful. dave.s.

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