Friday, April 23, 2010

One Can Only Hope

...that the Right Wing echo chamber that is currently attacking a perfectly reasonable Jim Manzi collapses like a black hole from the intellectual denseness and complete lack of introspection. They're beyond embarrassing themselves now and have proceeded to unintentional self-parody.


Anonymous said...

The "right wing echo chamber" isn't the only one who has descended into an unintentional self-parody:

"The SEC’s X-Rated Scandal

"By Joe Carter

"During one of the greatest financial crises in our nation’s history, senior staffers at the Securities and Exchange Commission spent their days looking at online pornography.

"No, seriously. They were looking at porn all day.

"According to a memo obtained by the AP, the SEC’s inspector general conducted 33 probes of employees looking at explicit images in the past five years and found:

_ "A senior attorney at the SEC’s Washington headquarters spent up to eight hours a day looking at and downloading pornography. When he ran out of hard drive space, he burned the files to CDs or DVDs, which he kept in boxes around his office. He agreed to resign, an earlier watchdog report said.

_" An accountant was blocked more than 16,000 times in a month from visiting websites classified as “Sex” or “Pornography.” Yet he still managed to amass a collection of “very graphic” material on his hard drive by using Google images to bypass the SEC’s internal filter, according to an earlier report from the inspector general. The accountant refused to testify in his defense, and received a 14-day suspension.

_ "Seventeen of the employees were “at a senior level,” earning salaries of up to $222,418.

_ "The number of cases jumped from two in 2007 to 16 in 2008. The cracks in the financial system emerged in mid-2007 and spread into full-blown panic by the fall of 2008.

"Set aside for the moment that these folks were looking at pictures of unclothed women when they should have been uncovering the next Bernie Madoff and consider what this says about their work. How can a senior staffer spend “up to eight hours a day” doing anything that is not work related and still have a job? If you are earning $222,418 a year, then you should presumably be doing work that is necessary and valuable. So why didn’t anyone notice that the work wasn’t getting done?

"Pornography may have been the downfall of the individuals but the institutional problem appears to be a total absence of oversight and leadership."

Unfortunately these folks won't go down into that black hole you speak of...they'll still be here looking at porn on the taxpayers' dime. Oh did you read how GM paid back the money it owes the gov. not with any money they made from profits or even from Cash for Clunkers but from TARP money.

And Jim Manzi goes after Mark Levin's book which came out when? Last summer? *yawn* Tell me, was Manzi another one of those nuanced conservatives who felt O was the stronger conservative in the race?

Mrs. P

George Pal said...

Right Wing Echo Chamber is too big a tent to deserve an all inclusive indictment. In the taxonomy of the Right, Paleo Cons, Conservaties, and Logical Libertarians have as little use for Levin as he and his ilk, NeoCons, Republicans, and RINOs have for Manzi.

FLG said...

Mrs. P:

The SEC case is crazy.

"Right Wing Echo Chamber is too big a tent to deserve an all inclusive indictment."

I don't think so. While you mention different parts of the Right Wing, the echo chamber are the talk radio and television hosts, their followers, and asskissers. You know the names.

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