Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Liberty and The Arizona Law

FLG does find it disconcerting that people on the Right who fashion themselves as being on the side of Liberty think that a law allowing police officers to ask for identification for nothing other than reasonable suspicion of being illegal, and that we should just sit back and let the court determine what's reasonable, is just peachy keen. Yes, FLG is looking at you Mr. Will.


George Pal said...

More disconcerting is that anyone can walk into the country and make the claim that based on their humanity everyone else is obliged to suffer them.

However mildly it oversteps freedoms, the law is subsequent to a failure of the Federal government to carry out its Constitutional duties. Misdemeanors as a defense against felonies has always been considered a measured response.

arethusa said...

It's reasonable suspicion after lawful contact, remember. In other words, a strict interpretation of the law would be that police officers can only act on reasonable suspicion when they already think that the suspect is guilty of a crime. If you get stopped in your car and don't have a US driver's license, that would excite reasonable suspicion in...pretty much anybody.

Robbo said...

Jaysus, FLG.

Which fellahs on the Right, apart from the most wingnut Libertarians, equates liberty with "anything goes"?

Law & Order has to be a gimme.

Flavia said...

Totez. Did you see this, which makes a similar argument (though about the Tea Partiers)?

Anonymous said...

Dittos to Robbo's comments. Even the Jaysus.

FLG, if memory is right, what has transpired in Arizona is important - and I'm not talking about the new law. I'm talking about the people and illegal immigration. Back in 2006 Rep. Hayworth ran for re-election and he lost. He wasn't considered so nutty back then by the way. I recall Hayworth made his run on illegal immigration and sealing the border or deportation. Whatever his ideas were, Arizonians rejected them and him as too extreme.

Then along came was McCain's amnesty bill in the Senate. Many people in favor of it pointed to Hayworth's loss as proof the people in Arizona supported amnesty. Amnesty went down.

Now there's a new law in Arizona and polls show 70% of Arizonians support it. Remember how when the Dems passed Obamamcare, they thought they'd get a huge bounce? And it was a dead cat bounce? Well look at what happened down in Arizona:

"Last week, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed an immigration law that launched a national debate. It has also at least temporarily helped her own chances of remaining Arizona’s governor.

"A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters in the state shows that 56% now approve of the way Brewer is performing her role as governor. Two weeks ago, just 40% offered their approval."

The Gov. got a 16pt bounce. That's huge. My initial thoughts are we've got another Massachusetts going on here and the Dems in DC are too arrogant to see it. And the people of Arizona are not nearly as extreme on the issue that our President is trying to make them appear. Not good for Prez and his party. The proof: Hayworth is running against McCain. McCain has altered his position on illegal immigration to be more in line with the people. Hayworth has enjoyed the support of talk radio and Sarah Palin yet Mccain is still, as Robbo might say, whooping his a___. So there goes the idea that Sarah Palin is a threat to this nation. Or Mark Levin. Or go on down the line.

The Left has too many boogeymen. Now siding with illegal immigrants, they side with breaking the laws of this country and at times, much, much worse with the crimes committed by illegals. Arizonians understand this. As this debate goes along so will more and more Americans. Should be interesting.

Oh and I do love how the Federal government can force a soon to be bankrupted Arizona to pay for 100's of thousand new medicare and mediacaid patents with their healthcare law and now is thinking about to challenging them over this law. A law that only came about because of the Federal Government's failure. I'm with George Will on this one and that's a rare thing for me to say.

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

FLG, I'm wrong. After writing that my mind cleared and Sarah Palin did not support Hayworth, did she? She angered many -like in the 100s of thousands- on the Right who have always felt McCain was too lax on illegal immigration and threw her support behind him, didn't she?

What a maverick.

And then I thought some more. Didn't the new senator of Massachusetts, Scott Brown, also support McCain? And Mitt Rommney?

Hmmnn...if I were a Statist, a Dem, or a plain old Lib, I'd be scared. Not of the new law in Arizona but of the approaching November elections. Is it possible to pull out of a nose dive? JFK Jr couldn't....

Oh, did you hear the libs are calling for a boycott of Arizona products including Arizona Ice Tea?

Arizona Ice Tea is made in NY.

Mrs. P

Hilarius Bookbinder said...

FLG, I think your mistake on this one is thinking that a generic conservative cares more about liberty than 'law and order,' which apparently means letting police officers do whatever the hell they want. My guess is that authority, control and order are all more important than liberty.

dance said...

Arethusa, you think "reasonable suspicion after lawful contact" will never devolve into "brown skin with clothes from Goodwill, jaywalked on an empty street"?

You really want to gamble America's soul on your faith that the Arizona police will not abuse the power this law gives them?

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