Thursday, April 22, 2010

In One Of FLG's More Self-Important And Silly Moments

...he played out a chain of events in his head today.

One of the League of Ordinary Gentlemen lands on Fear and Loathing in Georgetown. Which one, you ask? Doesn't matter, but not Freddie.

OG #1: What is this FLG guy's deal? He refers to himself in the 3rd person, calls us stupid and ill-educated, and swears an awful lot. I wonder if anybody else noticed him. Let me email the rest of the League.

OG #2: I have no idea who he is, but he sure swears a lot, calls us dumb, and what's the deal with the 3rd person stuff? And what's up with the sex with inanimate objects and pirates? Weird for a grown man.

OG #3: Right.

OG #4: Who?

OG #5: I realized he's a nonsensical blowhard months ago. Where have you guys been?

William Brafford to himself: I'm gonna keep my head down on this one.

Freddie: I have to go wallow in my own personal somewhat contradictory combination of self-importance and self-loathing, but "Hell is other people."

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