Thursday, April 22, 2010

FLG's Permanently Delayed Purchase

Has FLG mentioned that he's always wanted to buy a Fedora, Homburg, or Trilby (mostly the Fedora though), but never gets around to it? He's just afraid of pulling the trigger on a fashion accessory that's more than $100, but he never stops longing for a cool hat.

Once he buys one, however, next up is a Panama Hat.


The Ancient said...

(An eye patch and a blood-stained bandanna would be more economical.)

Flavia said...

My friend, I own a fedora, a homburg, AND a Panama hat (as well as, yes: a few hats actually made for laydeez).

I wear the fedora with the most regularity. Got lots of compliments when I lived in Harlem.

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