Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear The Ancient:

I have two questions for you.

1) Do you drive a Mercedes-Benz with the vanity plate CAPITAL?
2) If not, do you know a person who does?

Yes/No answers are acceptable.



The Ancient said...


(Why, is someone in a Benz doing his duty by GU bicyclists?)


FLG said...

There's some Benzo always parked on 34th street with that plate. The person who drives it has to either be 1) a gigantic prick or 2) have a good sense of humor. My money's on 1.

The Ancient said...

So that guy in Takoma Park driving an ancient Volvo 544 with a vanity plate reading KAPITAL can fairly be assumed to have either 1) a penis so small it needs tweezers to find or 2) no sense of humor at all?

(Just checking.)

((In fairness, having known so many people in Takoma Park over the years, I see no real reason to choose.))

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