Thursday, April 22, 2010


Dance writes:
I meant violence against the individual vs violence against the collective. I do nothing lately but quote Ta-Nehisi Coates, and two of his recent posts pointed out that a white supremacist endorsing slavery killed Lincoln and saddled the country with Andrew Johnson, and Arizona is working on a law for cops to check citizenship of people who seem [look?] like they might be illegal immigrants. Those are the types of violence that might make me more afraid of the Tea Party than al-Qaeda---I am more worried about what the TP and similar factions might create in this country in the name of saving it, than what AQ might do to attack it.

Okay, I can understand this. However, I think that the focus on violence is misplaced then. The issue is with what the TP stands for, which is to say that this isn't a fear of the Tea Party's possible penchant for violence, but their politics generally. The fear is that they may be successful period, not necessarily through violence, as the reference to the Arizona law points out.

In this case, and perhaps I'm mistaking the point you're trying to make, then the focus by liberal commentators on the violence aspect seems like a red herring designed to discredit the Tea Party without confronting what they stand for directly. So, instead of arguing how the Tea Party represents an incoherent mess of policies informed by potentially dangerous passions and reasoning, it's easier and perhaps more satisfying to simply paint them as violent loons.

I apologize in advance if I misread your point...


George Pal said...

In the Age Of The Idiot is there anything people cannot be made to fear – anything? Anyone? Bueller?

All contingencies are in play and compete for our concern. What we need is an eighty-hour workweek.

dance said...

Wait, what's the difference?

an incoherent mess of policies = loons

informed by potentially dangerous passions = violent

I mean, I can see that there may be a difference, but that just seems like the usual simplification of news today. I wonder if you aren't hearing something that the commentators (and you're one of my main sources of political news, so I'm really not sure who you are referring to) aren't quite saying.

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