Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dance writes:
It sounds like you're conceding the point that the Tea Party may produce violence, and assuming that fear of the Tea Party is only/mainly about fear that oneself might personally be killed.

I'm not so much conceding the point, but assuming it is true for the sake of argument. Even if we assume it's true, then the average American is at less risk than from al-Qaeda. However, I cannot dismiss the idea that certain members of the Tea Party may commit violence. But then again I can't dismiss the idea that certain members of any political group won't commit violence. There have been violent extremists in all types of political organizations. For example, even though my image of environmentalists is largely well-meaning, granola eating, Birkenstock wearing hippies, there are environmental terrorists. I remain unconvinced that the Tea Party is somehow more prone to produce or appeal to violent actors.

On your second point, "assuming that fear of the Tea Party is only/mainly about fear that oneself might personally be killed," I'm not quite sure what you mean. Are you saying that people are fearful of violence in the abstract?

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dance said...

I meant violence against the individual vs violence against the collective. I do nothing lately but quote Ta-Nehisi Coates, and two of his recent posts pointed out that a white supremacist endorsing slavery killed Lincoln and saddled the country with Andrew Johnson, and Arizona is working on a law for cops to check citizenship of people who seem [look?] like they might be illegal immigrants. Those are the types of violence that might make me more afraid of the Tea Party than al-Qaeda---I am more worried about what the TP and similar factions might create in this country in the name of saving it, than what AQ might do to attack it.

But individual violence? there's no point fearing my own death by terrorism from ANY direction, because you know, I'll be dead (probably quickly) and won't be thinking anymore.

So, if I'm a typical liberal, then your "only in federal buildings" riposte missed the point entirely.


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