Thursday, April 15, 2010


FLG received this letter in his mailbox from a professor. Here are the good parts:
How I discovered your blog is an unfortunate story. One of my students submitted a response memo that was far better written than anything he had previously submitted and a tad off topic. Concerned about plagiarism I plugged a particularly well-crafted sentence into Google and discovered that he had simply copied-and-pasted one of your posts almost verbatim.


You are exceptionally good at synthesizing and explaining complex economic ideas in 750-1500 words. Even I'm a bit envious...

That is hands down the best compliment FLG has ever received on this blog, but he found the entire story sad. What kind of idiot is going to plagiarize this blog?

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william randolph brafford said...

Conjecture: Educated people use bad words because the mainline protestant churches lost their cultural authority.

Conjecture: Casual blasphemy lost its power as a result of the collapse of Protestantism's authority, and cuss words filled the gap.

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