Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clearing Out My Things To Blog About List

Apparently, China is trying to pop a a housing bubble of its own.

There's this deleted scene from Pulp Fiction where Mia Wallace interviews Vincent, and I've decided to answer the questions from the interview. Why? I have no fucking clue.

Are you a Beatles person or Elvis person?
Elvis. However, if you asked me whether I was a Sinatra or Elvis person, then Ol' Blue Eyes wins.

Brady Bunch or Partridge Family?
Partridge Family

On Rich Man, Poor Man, who did you like more Peter Strauss or Nick Nolte?
Never saw it.

What's your favorite way to say thanks in a foreign language?
Merci beaucoup.

In conversation, do you listen or wait to talk?

If you were Archie, who would you fuck first Betty or Veronica?

What's the takeaway from my answers? Nothing except that I'm a lot like a hitman who doesn't exist.

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