Monday, April 5, 2010

Boobie Protest

There are two things Alan and FLG certainly agree on.  They are both staunchly pro-beer and pro-boobies.  Therefore, he feels that he can speak for Alan when he says that they both support this type of protest and encourage more women to take up the cause.

FLG will also add, although he won't speak for Alan on this point, that he'd prefer it if the women involved in future protests were easier on the eyes.  For instance, can't these important social organizers team up with the PETA people?


Anonymous said...

I emailed my cousin in Sacramento some press photos of a PETA protest in front of Federal Triangle, near my office. He's been expressing envy ever since. dave.s.

George Pal said...

So PETA’s 'Go Veg' campaign consists of a lettuce garnish on Choice cuts of meat.
Good thinking.

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