Monday, March 1, 2010

What An Asshole

Matt Yglesias writes:
The idea [of conservatism] is to represent the interests of economic elites and the prejudices of the sociocultural majority and modern-day conservatives do this very well.

If FLG were to be as big an asshole, which he is to illustrate the point, then he would write something like:
The idea of liberalism is to represent the economic interests of unions and trial lawyers and the social whims of sundry deviants throughout society and modern-day liberals have, on balance despite some progress by Obama, done a pretty shit job of it.

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Anonymous said...

Matt Y is saying what will make him a social lion in the U Street Corridor. Invitations! Pretty Girls! All those things will come to him. And you are being pissy about accuracy?! Fie on you! dave.s.

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