Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Technology Is New And Frightening

My animosity toward what I consider the banality of the communication that Twitter encourages is well-documented, and I won't revisit it. But Twitter isn't alone in my loathing for many new technologies.

My primary concern with technology is that too often it is written by engineers who are in love with technology for technology's sake and lack any insight into what it relevant to people, but that's not what's going on with most technology recently. In fact, if a technology is popular, then presumably it is relevant in at least some minuscule way. So, despite FLG's complete and utter disgust with the present levels of social networking stalking obsession, he'll accept that it offers some sort of personal satisfaction.

But he draws the line at this geo- or location-aware shit. If I want other people to know where I am, then I'd tell them. I certainly don't want some random company knowing where my ass is at any time. And I don't want that data subpoenable. If the government wants to know where I am, then they'd sure as shit better be doing it the old-fashioned way with chase cars and black helicopters.

Frankly, if other assholes want to broadcast their locations and be declared mayors of the local Denny's, then have fucking at it. Where FLG takes issue is when this shit is forced on him. Everybody and their fucking mother company has tried to add some social networking component. And now it's all about some mobile app that is social-location-aware. So, not only are people stalking by looking at pictures you post doing a bong hit in your underwear while watching the Banana Splits at 3am, but now they'll know precisely when you leave the house 5 minutes later and can meet up with you at the Waffle House for some smothered hash browns only to subsequently write "loser" on your head with a Sharpie after you pass out in the passenger seat of your roommate's car. A picture of which will surely be posted on Facebook before you wake up.

Seriously though, is anybody else concerned at all that companies want to know where you are? The supposed upsides that you can get targeted ads for the location you are standing in and that your friends can unexpectedly drop in on you don't sound terribly appealing.

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william randolph brafford said...

Ironically, my favorite description of FaceBook that I've ever seen came from a tweet:

"My interpretation of Facebook: What if I told you that you could tell a private company all your interests and friends.... for free?!"

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