Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Pretension Of Faux Intellectualism In The Blogosphere

If there's one thing that bugs FLG about the blogosphere more than any other, then it has to be the faux intellectualism of some bloggers. Yes, certain members of the League of Ordinary Gentlemen, FLG is looking at you, but fear not; you are far from alone.

Listen, FLG failed out of college. When he finally graduated it wasn't with honors or anything. He's failed to be accepted to any of the numerous graduate programs to which he's applied. And even outside of formal education FLG isn't particularly well-read. All told, he's a pretty piss poor intellectual specimen.

Yet, he reads stuff time and again that is flat out wrong or stupid and even he can tell right away. Not stupid as in FLG doesn't agree with this point-of-view, but downright illogical or completely off-base. And top it off...there's the I'm-writing-about-serious-stuff-such-as-politics-economics-public-policy-or-the-canon-like-a-serious-intellectual-person tone.

That's when FLG really starts to get pissed. Being wrong. Okay. Everybody's wrong sometimes. FLG less so than others, but we can't all be him now can we? Just don't be pretentious about it. Odds are you are a fucking jackass in your living room in front of a computer screen.

UPDATE: If you remember, this was FLG's primary complaint about Culture11 as well.


Withywindle said...

You just don't understand the disciplinary conventions.

The Ancient said...

Yeah, like "never show fear."

FLG said...


Are you saying I'm an unconventional blogger?

The Ancient:

Are you saying I show fear?

Withywindle said...

I'm saying you must be punished.

The Ancient said...

What would you call compulsive self-deprecation?

(OK, lazzi works, too.)

Will said...

Haha don't be a hater, FLG. I know you have a soft spot for our pseudo-intellectual streak.

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