Friday, March 5, 2010


Also, something occurred to me while I was watching the video. I figured out how to summarize Prof. Deneen's driving concerns as the following:

Modernity (meaning broadly modern science, technology, economics, and politics) has driven a wedge between humanity and nature and the individual and community. I'm not quite sure whether the alienation from science and technology caused a subsequent alienation of the individual from the community, but nevertheless they both occurred.

If you read all of his writings, then it all makes perfect sense. It's not just that he wants some sort of local-based community because it sounds more quaint and cozy. Perhaps many of you figured this out earlier. Maybe it was even obvious, but I couldn't get passed the Peak Oil concerns even though I knew he was smart.

Personally, I'm sympathetic to his concerns, but I think we passed the point of no return awaysback.

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