Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Maybe I'm Not Reading The Same Quote As Alex Massie

Roger Ailes redefines realism:

I see myself between the Hudson River and the Sierra Madres. I do not see myself at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel or Le Cirque here in New York. Those are people who aspire to different things. They’re the chattering class. They’re the people who think Ahmadinejad wants to have a chat with us and that we haven’t been reaching out to him enough. No, actually, Ahmadinejad wants to cut our heads off and blow us up with nuclear weapons. He’s made that clear. There is something about those people that makes them think, “Oh, he’s just kidding.” No, he’s not kidding. He wants to kill us. 
I tend to be a realist about things.

Emphasis added. The Iranian regime is many things, most of them severely unpleasant, but it hardly poses an existential threat to the United States. The principal beneficiaries of any pretense that it does are actually Ahmadinejad and his cronies who are flattered by a frothing silliness that is almost hysterically unrealistic.

Roger Ailes never said that the Iranians could "cut our heads off and blow us up with nuclear weapons." He said they want to. Saying that Iran "hardly poses an existential threat" is addressing a different point. One of capability, not intent.

Now, you might say that since they can't kill all of us that we ought not worry about Iran, but it is true that they can affect our national interests in the region. And if you accept the premise that the regime does want to kill us, then presumably it would want to adversely affect our interests in the region.

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