Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If FLG Found A Genie's Bottle

...and received three wishes, then he'd wish:
1) for a billion dollars
2) To be a jedi knight.
3) to be the world's best conversationalist

Now, you are probably thinking to yourself. I can see a billion dollars and jedi knight, but FLG wanting to be the world's best conversationalist? Doesn't he pretty much hate everybody?

FLG does hate people, but not persons, if that makes sense. And in conversation is where his inch deep, mile wide body of knowledge comes in. Pretty much no matter who he talks to he can find some common ground of knowledge that they can discuss. On airplane flights, FLG has had discussions with a doctor from Ghana about West African colonial history and baseball, a buyer for Macy's about fashion, a math professor about his research (although it was completely beyond me), and the list goes on.

Now, FLG isn't particularly a good conversationalist, just a mediocre one. However, his wish would be for something along the lines of Oscar Wilde or Victor Hugo. And don't misunderstand. FLG doesn't want to be the talk of the Left Bank. The motivation for this is simply to avoid uncomfortable silences when my lack of knowledge in the other person's subject area has been tapped out. At that point it's pretty much, "Uh. Okay. Nice talking to you." So the ability to transition to a new topic seamlessly would be helpful.

Actually, now that FLG thinks about it. He doesn't really like conversations all that much anyway. Maybe he ought to switch that last wish to an iPod that never runs out of battery power.

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Anonymous said...

"If a genie asks a guy to make three wishes that she will make come true, what would the guy say? "I want $1 billion dollars, a swimsuit model wife and the chance to play golf every day." Tiger had all that and apparently it wasn't enough to make him happy. Now I'm just depressed."
(Letter to Bill Simmons)

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