Monday, March 1, 2010

Heretical Pirate Pope

FLG had no idea that there was former pirate turned heretical pope.

He is amazed that this information has escaped his attention for so long.


George Pal said...

“Cosimo de Medici and his father had financed Pope John XXIII...After stepping down as Pope, Cossa remained close friends with Cosimo. In return for his true friendship, the Pope gave Cosimo a precious relic: John the Baptist’s right index finger... It seems that the possession of this talisman, with which John (the Baptist) had allegedly identified Jesus Christ, was the imperative that the Medicis had needed to bring about a philosophical revolution that would change the world.”

That would be the Renaissance – so he had his good point as well.

FLG said...

How do you think I found out about the guy in the first place?

Jump to minute 7.

Oddly, it doesn't mention anything about the Schism. However, my guess is that was a tangent they didn't want to go down.

George Pal said...

I actually didn’t know much about him – the charges against him and the rest – but when I hear a story about a Pope giving someone the finger I tend not to forget.

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