Monday, March 8, 2010

Gym Class

Every year in high school we had to take some President's Fitness Challenge. What I always thought was crazy was the discrepancy between the time the boys and girls had to run the mile. I remembered the boys having to do it in 7 minutes my senior year and the girls had something like 10:30, which for those of you who are not so good at math, is 50% more time.

I've always wondered where they got these crazy numbers. Yesterday, after it popped in my head again, I finally found it. This page has a link to an excel spreadsheet that lists the percentiles for age 17+. 50% for boys is 7:04 and girls is 10:22. Now, I'm certainly not one to argue that boys and girls are biologically the same, but that seems like an awful big discrepancy to me.

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