Saturday, March 20, 2010

FLG Was Pretty Surprised

that the comments at Feministing directly contradicted the post. I've seen some where they debate rather esoteric points in the posts, but normally it seems to me like it's one big "You go girl" session.

It's fine if you believe health care is a right, but if that is the sum total of your argument, then you aren't doing yourself any favors. You really ought to describe from whence that right derives. Too often I hear, "health care is a right" when it means "I think it's really, really important and I'm using the word 'right' because rights are really, really important." It warms my heart to see the commenters over there to really ask why it's a right and question whether it is.


RP Johnson said...

It may warm your heart, but then you may be the "glass half full" kind of person. For the better part of my life I taught economics and for a large portion of the comments to not recognize the distinction between social goods and rights leads me the feel that I should have gone into banking.

FLG said...

It's in a glass half full kind of way. Too often it's simply echo chamber over on that site.

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