Thursday, March 11, 2010

FLG is currently listening to

Last night, Mrs. FLG was watching American Idol and, wanting to spend some time with her, FLG sat down. One of the contestants performed Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, which FLG guesses got some publicity from JT's performance on the Haiti benefit.

However, there is a special place in FLG's heart for Cohen's Everybody Knows due to its prominent role in Pump Up the Volume.


Flavia said...

I watched Pump Up the Volume an unhealthy number of times when I was 16 or so, and that song (and, okay: maybe Christian Slater, too) was partly responsible for it.

I also blame it for my extremely ill-advised attempt to start an underground newspaper in my high school.

Anonymous said...

Oh, just admit it - you love American Idol!

~Mrs. FLG

Withywindle said...

Ah, FLG, I do like your musical taste ... I discovered Leonard Cohen by watching Pump Up the Volume. Mind you, I only watched Pump Up the Volume because I had loved Heathers, and the movie was no Heathers, even if it did have Leonard Cohen going for it. By the by, the Watchmen movie made good use of "Hallelujah."

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