Sunday, March 14, 2010

FLG Hates Jargon

And Bill Flanigen gives us some doozies:
What do "repping" and "sophomore frame" and "sophomore session" and "wonderful hold" and "cume" and "distribs" and "counterprogram" and "four quadrant movie" mean?

Here is the quotation in question:
In its second weekend, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland didn’t continue to pay out in hearts—rather spades, as the Tim Burton-Johnny Depp collaboration drank up an estimated $62 million at 3,728 tea parties, repping the best sophomore frame ever for a film playing prior to summer. After posting a record first weekend for a non-sequel, Alice had a wonderful hold, slipping 47% with a theater average of $16,631 and a running 10-day domestic cume of $208.6 million.

Four distribs attempted to counterprogram against the Disney title this weekend based on the misguided notion that Alice was strictly family fare. However, rather than nipping away at Alice’s audience, Alice sliced off theirs.

“This is the quintessential four quadrant movie, playing to adults at one time of day, families at matinees as well as couples,” gloated Disney distribution president Chuck Viane. “The word of mouth on this film is sensational around world and it’s not often for a blockbuster film to decline 47% in its second weekend.” Alice’s charm extends around the world, as Disney foresees a worldwide cume of $430 million Monday morning.

The previous second weekend frame record for a pre-summer release belongs to Mel Gibson’s R-rated biblical epic The Passion of the Christ which generated $53.2 million in 2004. Among all films, Avatar holds the all-time record for a sophomore session with $75.6 million.

I'm pretty sure:
sophomore frame/session = the second week, and in particular the second weekend.

wonderful hold = that the audience level didn't drop off too much.

cume = cumulative.

distribs = movie distributors.

counterprogram = other movies released to compete with this movie.

four quadrant movie = it appeals to all audiences.

FLG figures that Bill knew all those, but that really is some impressive jargon. FLG happens to be a movie insider, and so is able to easily let you all in on the secret.

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