Monday, March 1, 2010

EU Diplomacy

For most European countries, the idea of EU embassies taking over their minimal interests around the rest of the globe sounds both cheaper and more politically rewarding than going it alone. The logic is clear enough: why, for instance, does Hungary maintain an embassy in Peru?

This makes perfect sense. Hungry probably has some business interests in Peru and probably so do a lot of other EU countries. If they pool together to have one embassy, more of a glorified European business lobby really, then it would be both cheaper and more effective.

The problem arises, or so Charlemagne argues, when certain EU countries have dreams of using the EU as a way to slingshot themselves to global or regional great power status. No longer is it about promoting European exports and European access to the market, which all EU countries can pretty much agree on, but varying national preferences and interests of wannabe great powers within the EU.

FLG had never thought about that. The whole thing is definitely worth a read.

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