Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Disagreeing With FLG

FLG does not receive much contradiction in the comments (except from Alan, of course). He was wondering why that is.

Several explanations came to mind:
1) Self-selection of the readership such that most readers who read FLG largely agree with him.
2) People don't bother to disagree with unimportant, pseudonymous bloggers who swear and refer to themselves in the third person.
3) People fear FLG's prodigious intellectual resources. You don't want to bring a knife to a gun fight, now do ya?


Andrew Stevens said...

Hmm, does your blog not fit my pattern? Probably 90% or more of all my comments anywhere are to disagree with the writer. (Although, of course, sometimes I'm disagreeing with a commenter.) I see little point in commenting just to agree with someone. Indeed, I'm sure I read blogs where the author views me as a gadfly or even a troll even though I agree with the author 99% of the time and only comment the 1% of the time I disagree.

FLG said...

Usually you disagree about the level of emphasis on some particular point or some specific nuance. I don't remember you ever outright disagreeing. And I certainly have never seen trollish.

Andrew Stevens said...

Our opinions on John McCain were pretty divergent. I also outright disagree with you about Plato, though I'm still willing to be convinced.

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