Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Conversation

Arethusa's recent post reminded FLG of the time he was leaving Montreal and was selected for a pat down at the airport.

Security lady: Parlez-vous français? Or English?

FLG: Je parle français mais dans ce cas je préfère parler anglais.

SL: Huh? Uh...Okay...Arms out please.

FLG lifts his arms.

SL: Les mains.

FLG: What about my hands?

SL: Sorry. Turn them over please.

FLG: Sure.

SL: Ta boucle.

FLG: Are you asking about my belt buckle?

SL: Uh, sorry. Yes, please undo your belt buckle.

FLG: Why?

SL: Parce qu'il faut que...Sorry again. If you said 'English' at the beginning, then it would've been easier. Instead, you ask me to speak English en français. An American who speaks French always confuses me.

FLG: Quand je suis arrivé à Montréal, l'agent de douane m'a dit la même chose.

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