Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Comment Moderation

I'd like to apologize to Seth Goldin for not posting his comment earlier.

I only have comment moderation on posts older than a day or two to eliminate spam. Since 99% of older comments are spam I usually just ignore the moderation. Generally speaking, if you, and by you I mean anybody, comment on an older post and want it published, then you might want to fire me off an email.

Also, in response to Seth's question about where I got the quotation, it was from another post on that website. Upon reading my comments again that was unclear and I forgot to link to the post containing it. I apologize. If I get some time today, then I'll try to find the source of the quotation in question.


Anonymous said...

You do a lot of work on these posts, and they get three days' attention, and then, gone down the memory hole. You could get a little more juice out of them, I think, by getting a 'recent comments' into the sidebar - then when someone DOES pay attention to one of your six-day-old gems, your other readers would know about it, and might pile on. Food fight, just as you aspire! dave.s.

dance said...

I'd say a day or two seems a bit quick...I tend to get spam on posts that are *months* old, although you post much more than I do.

While we are critiquing how you run your blog, why not edit the text above the comment box to specify that you do not need a URL to use the Name/URL box, URL can be left blank. All these Anonymous people adding manual sigs seems like something that could be improved.

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