Friday, February 5, 2010

There May Yet Be Hope

Leeds City Council is using a “core skills trainer” to teach staff to simplify their language as part of a plain English campaign after its switchboard was flooded with members of the public confused by official documents they had been sent.


One report contained the sentence: "Individual Chief Officers have the delegated authority to appoint employees on a temporary basis to provide cover for staff absences, to cater for peaks in workload and to deal with any tasks which may arise which are outside of normal workload of the department. Such approvals to be subject to there being budgetary provision available and a check being made with the Personnel and Training Division to ascertain whether the cover could be provided by either a redeployment or a secondment."

The sentence has been cut down to size following the plain speaking initiative, and now reads: "If they are required, money is available, and the job can't be done by another member of staff, chief officers may hire temporary workers."

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