Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Thoughts On The Winter Olympics

FLG much enjoys the Winter Olympics over its summer counterpart. He thinks that winter athletes have to be braver because of the speeds and consequent risk involved. And since bravery is a virtue that FLG admires he prefers winter Olympians.

The Olympic gold medal FLG would most like to have won, by far, is Men's Downhill. The Olympic gold medal he thinks he would've had the best chance of winning given his physical abilities -- curling. Biathlon is probably the coolest sport. To posses the ability to perform the most rigorous cardiovascular sport on Earth and then calm your body enough to shoot is impressive. FLG would never have the guts to ski jump. It's just too fucking high. The luge is pretty damn cool too, but those skeleton luge people are just insane. He doesn't understand the appeal of double luge at all. Hockey is FLG's favorite team sport to watch of any Olympic event, winter or summer. Lastly, FLG prefers long track speed skating to short track. He admits that short track is probably more interesting as a television viewer, but any sport where some asshole can take out another racer and lose them a medal is kinda bullshit. Lastly lastly, FLG is amazed by how much better than everybody else Shaun White appears to be.


Withywindle said...

Luge looks insanely dull on TV. I mean, come on, they lie down, feet first, and slide. Yawn. I'm sure it's incredibly difficult to do, but it's a paint-drying sport for this viewer.

George Pal said...

What have those tiny cliques in Scotland and Canada on the Olympic Committee that they can get curling regarded as 1. A sport? 2. An event worth watching? 3. An event of interest to millions of viewers?

arethusa said...

Yeah, but in the Vancouver Olympics, WW, the luge track is also the Track of Death. At least that's what I've been calling it whenever it pops up on the screen.

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