Thursday, February 25, 2010

Radio Podcast

Photon Courier links to this article about Mike O'Meara switching to podcasting after getting axed from his radio gig.

FLG used to listen to the old Don & Mike Show in the early 00s. Somewhere along the way, Don began to grate on FLG. The turning point was probably when Don got in a fight with Leah Remini, who had been a friend of their show and even invited the guys on King of Queens. Sometime after that they switched their broadcast time to lunch or something, and eventually FLG stopped listening. A few years later, FLG heard that Don's wife died tragically and suddenly and eventually left the show.

Well, FLG never tuned back in. However, a few weeks ago, he saw Mike O'Meara show on iTunes. He immediately subscribed thinking it was a downloadable version of the old radio show, which indeed it is but without the radio part, but FLG had no idea when he started listening to WJFK had switched to sports radio. (Although, he always thought the station was going to have trouble once Howard switched to sat radio.)

All that is just to say that FLG hopes the podcast makes it.

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